Health Policy

The War on Obesity: A Battle Worth Fighting? Maintained Weight Loss

Let's face the facts: we don’t know of healthy methods that result in sustained weight loss. Consider the evidence.

The HAES Files: Obamacare's Misfire on Weight - New Workplace Provisions that Deserve a Pink Slip

Governmental policies and programs, such as certain provisions in the Affordable Care Act as well as anti-obesity campaigns, can help spread fat stigma and prejudice in the workplace resulting in harm to employees.

The HAES Files: De-Stigmatizing Our Workplaces - A Start

Dump worksite obesity prevention programs. Here's a step-by-step plan to challenge stigmatizing messages in your company, and propose criteria for more respectful work places.

Stress Mess: How "Fighting Fat" Makes People Sick

Public health interventions promoting weight-loss fail to account for "social determinants" such as socioeconomic status and are not scientifically sound. The stress resulting from stigmatization in the name of health causes ill health.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Comments Provided on Wellness Programs (PDF)

Evidence in support of ending weight discrimination in the workplace.

Bread and Circus (Hold the Bread): Weight of the Nation Deserves an Imperial Thumbs Down

Cans HBO's documentary series, Weight of the Nation. The real enemy is the stigmatization of fat/weight. The solution? Change the focus to promoting good self-care for everyone, regardless of size.

Bacon's Testimony in Massachusetts' anti-discrimination law.

Bacon's testimony in support of adding weight as a protected category in Massachusetts' anti-discrimination law.

A Message for People Committed to Food Justice and Sustainable Agriculture (PDF)

There should be more Weight justice in the Food justice movement.

11 Reasons Your ‘Concern’ for Fat People’s Health Isn’t Helping Anyone

"I'm just concerned about their health." How many times have you heard this? Linda Bacon helps you understand what really being said and why its not helpful.